More stuff on github

I’ve posted a bunch of my code on github

Like a module that converts to hex, oct, binary properly. By this i mean if you pass in an Int32 you get back 32 bits worth of encoded data – 4 hex digits, 5 octal digits (since each only covers 7 bits), and 32 binary digits. And if you pass in an int8 you get back 8 bits. And so on.

You dont have to zero pad things like you would with Xojo’s built in ones.

Of course my CSV Parser is there. It handles all kinds of things you find in CSVs like embedded newlines (which you can get from Excel quite easily)

A stable quick sort. What that means is if you sort by one value then sort that sorted data by a second key the original relative positioning of items is preserved. Stable sorts are very handy when you want to implement sorts that consider multiple criteria one after the other since you can simply sort by the first key, then the next then the next and the data will remain properly sorted throughout.

And there have been additions as well.

Have a peek.