Not with a gun – I’ve never shot a living thing in my life although I have fired guns of various kinds.

Right now I’m on the hunt for a “ridiculously fast string”

Xojo’s are OK but things like split, left, right, mid can really bog down if you use enormous strings. I’ve looked at a couple alternatives but so far haven’t found what I need 🙁

And right now I’m working on a text editor (more or less) and stress testing it with big strings. Think “code editor” with gigantic swaths of code. My test string is 15Mb and while that might be crazy big when compared to the amount of code you might put in any single method in the IDE – if I can make this really responsive with that big string then it will fly with any thing smaller.

I’ll keep you posted on progress.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow. What the heck are you doing? Sounds very interesting. Please post more about of your thoughts and structure.

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