No not your plate (despite it being right around American Thanksgiving)

Sometimes when you write your code its convenient to have several versions of “the same” method.

For instance, in Xojo you might look at the AddRow method on the Listbox class )in 2019r1.1) and see that it has several forms

ListBox.AddRow(ParamArray Item as String) 
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Operator_Convert is a very handy method to implement on a lot of classes. It not only lets you create a mechanism to make your classes convert themselves into other types but it also lets you create new instances FROM other data types.

So let’s start with the simple forms of operator_convert – the “convert TO” forms.… Read the rest

Using interfaces (again)

A recent comment on my post about overriding prompted me to write this second post about interfaces and why you might use them. Its clear to me that I havent done a very good job of explaining why you should or would use them.

In some languages you can create classes that inherit from one other and one other only.… Read the rest