A single set of libraries

This was asked on the Xojo forum

If the applications are developed by the same Xojo version, and all the exe files of several applications are placed in the same folder, is it possible for distribution purposes to have only one Libs folder ? In such case, which would be the name of this unique Lib folder ?

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Save yourself some time

I see a lot of times people write code like

#if debugbuild
   system.debuglog "some message"

It means you type multiple lines of code all the time and if you forget to wrap things in the #if debugbuild then you have logging messages in your buidls that maybe should have been turned off

Personally I have a module, named Debug, that has a method in it – Log

Then where ever I want a debugging message I can write

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Extending end of line

In Xojo EndOfLine is two things
One is a global method and the other a Class.

Because of how the compiler works it realizes when you mean each one.

In a line of code like

var eol as EndOfLine

EndOfLine can, in that context, ONLY be a TYPE name. So the compiler knows you mean the EndOfLine class.… Read the rest

The trouble with tribbles….

Or in this case linear gradients. If you want linear gradients to work well you really need to calculate the correct start and end points.

This is especially true if you dont want a gradient that simply runs from left to right or top to bottom (or their reverse directions)

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Practices you may see in use but you’ll regret using

Some code looks enticing – but in the long run may cause you as many headaches as it solves.

Some is really innocuous looking like :

var position as integer = otherString.IndexOf(EndOfLine)
var leftChars as string = otherString.left(position)
var rest as string = otherString.Middle(position + 1)

There’s an assumption in this little bit of code and it may not be entirely obvious what it is.… Read the rest