Snow Leopard

Once upon a lifetime ago Apple did a release of macOS X that was focused solely on bug fixes & performance improvements.

Over the years people using Xojo have said how they wish Xojo would do such a release. Either tick tock back and forth or some other scheme.

And usually those requests have been in comments on forums threads etc.… Read the rest

Taking flight

This past weekend I took a novice hang glider source and it was a blast !

Some of the things it showed me

  1. rocks dont fly
  2. Norm is mostly a rock
  3. omg there are muscles there, and there, and there ?
  4. and why do all those muscles hurt now ? 😛

I’m sure a lot of people imagine that this is a simple thing and a few quick basics and pretty soon you’re running off cliffs and gliding for hours.… Read the rest

Interfaces and events

There’s a question about why interfaces dont let you add event definitions to them.

In fact since they just define a signature and leave the implementation else where I suppose they could. There’s no real compelling reason they couldn’t that I can think of.

They just don’t.

And so in the mean time what do you do ?… Read the rest

The unofficial list of banned words

We know they ban words and links to sites deemed – unacceptable ?
So far the ones I know of are :

IfNotNil – put this in any post and your post will not be entered. Use an URL shortener like Bitly and you can post it (and if they are all unique then someone else has to check them all and moderate the posts – just to annoy folks on “that place”)

IfNotNil is an alternate Cross platform forum where Xojo and other topics like B4X, Lazarus, Swift, Php, Rust and lots of other programming tool are discussed without bans or erasures.… Read the rest

Regaining my optimism

I’ll admit that I have had my enthusiasm and optimism damaged over the years.

Over promise and under deliver has become something of a thing to just expect and so every announcement was met with scepticism and an entire salt mines worth of salt.

But recently I’ve had reason to be poking around with recent tools from “other vendors” – not just Apple but also MS.… Read the rest

Compiler bugs

I have a list of compiler bugs I’ve reported (15) to be accurate

1 has been marked fixed

3 closed for various reasons

Most are marked “reproducible” and I’d sure love to see them fixed

55502 adding a constant to a class cant use an expression while one in code can Xojo
56376 compiler misidentifies syntax error on shared factory in super class
56378 factory pattern cant be implemented properly in Xojo esp when items are in a namespace
56765 compiler weird error message seems to be linked to wrong order of evaluation
57500 debugging a while loop in debugger appears to skip entire loop
58900 compiler incorrectly identifies unused local variables
59004 endexception constructor should probably be restricted in some fashion
59061 compiler gives a very ambiguous error message on select case statement
56264 make it so when a method returns an array you can immediately index into the return result
56272 optional parameters can only be “right most” parameters
60207 command line arguments for debug run cannot use a #constant

Hearing this a lot … again

And its disappointing. The worst part is I dont know if any of the people I’ve talked to that have said this have even bothered saying so to Xojo Inc.

Maybe they have just given up ?

While 2020r1 finally shipped, after what I believe is a record delay between major point 0 releases, reports I’ve had are that even though desktop didn’t change that much its not usable when moving a sizeable project from older 2019 releases.… Read the rest