Fixing code by not touching it follow up

In the case I described the code is in a subclass a Xojo class

The idea here is to INSERT a new subclass between the existing subclass and the new one. And the newly inserted subclass will expose things in a way the OLD existing code wont break

So we never touch the old code
We just modify the inheritance chain in a way we can then alter how things behave

So in his case we can add a new subclass of EmailMessage that exposes the Source as a Method pair ( get & set) and then make the existing class inherit from our new class

And the existing code will then JUST work without ever having had to alter any of it

Next time you have an issue like this consider that as an option !

YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the past 3 days I’ve been on a training course and today I got my certification as a CSIA level 1 instructor !!!!!

Fixing code by not touching it

The other day I was helping a friend with some code that worked fine in several versions of Xojo but then in a newer one wouldn’t compile

Seems he found a compiler regression Whether this _should_ have been caught by regression tests etc is an entirely different question.

It exists. And now his large project doesn’t compile.… Read the rest

Never had to think about this before

Was chatting with a potential client. And they are new to Xojo.

When I mentioned that I had worked at Xojo Inc for more than 10 years they didn’t believe me. And they asked for some proof. I had never encountered this before.
So here’s a quick few references where you can see that I was once a member of their development team.… Read the rest