Using other databases in C#

A new version of the Einhugur C# UI framework was released a short while ago.

Since the framework is still literally a work in progress some changes an dupes are to be expected. Listbox now exists and its constructor now takes an array of column titles as well as the initial dimensions. So you may need to update code like

list = new ListBox(10, 20, 80, 20 );

to add a new last parameter

list = new ListBox(10, 20, 80, 20, new string[] {"col 1", "col 2"} );

to set the column titles.… Read the rest

C# updates

If you’ve been following along with my C# series you should be able to open your copy of the app we’ve been creating and update the Einhugur Forms nuget package.

This brings along some new controls to use as and some additions to existing ones

You’ll see there’s a dat picker, disclosure triangle, combobox and additions to the listbox for headers.… Read the rest

Watch what they do

What we as users get told is “report your issues, upvote them as this influences priorities”
So many do ; or did. I’ve got far too many people telling me I just gave up reporting them as they never get fixed. From names that if I listed them would surprise people.

Since I still use Xojo for client projects I report bugs and tell my clients to advocate for them getting fixed.… Read the rest

Tired of adding strings ?

If you’ve ever had to write a lot of output with strings you’ve probably had to concatenate them.

In VB you used &. In Xojo you use + and more than likely Str, Format, and the newer ToString.

Eventually when you write enough code you end up with things that look like

Var Explanation as string = "Hint: If you don't save," _
  + " you will lose your work" _
  + " since your last Save."
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Bait & switch ?

in this youtube video posted from the recent Developer Retreat
geoff talks about the roadmap in the screen shot below I took a screen shot since I knew it was going to change.

Items highlighted in red have disappeared from the new roadmap

Yet, on the testers channel, they already had a complete replacement for it
(also screen shot when I learned of this)

I was more surprised that they talked about it in the keynote knowing that the roadmap was going to change and drop many items.… Read the rest

Working with databases in C#

The trek continues !

One of the common things we need our applications to do is interact with a database. Sometimes its just a local SQLite, or other stand alone db engine like that, or some “Big Iron” database like Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc. Or maybe a NoSQL database like Mongo ?
With Xojo there are only a handful of plugins Tod ell with the vast majority of databases.… Read the rest

Working with Databases in C# – status

yes I’m still working on this and am figuring out which of the gazillion database modules available for things like Oracle, SQLITE, etc work on macOS

With .Net Core and some of the supporting modules being fairly new to macOS not all of them work. There seem to be several choices for using any of the db’s from MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Mysql, MariaDB etc all the way to ones I’ve never heard of

You’re welcome !

Some one at Xojo could have, should have, posted about how to do this

It didnt seem to be forthcoming so I did over on INN

Just disappointed that Xojo seems to just not try & help users unless its via email