Stepping away

I’ve had several people tell me they are “stepping away from Xojo” at the moment.

Most are users with many years experience in Xojo.

It’s disappointing that its come to this.

Anyone else had this said to them or doing this ?

Dynamic const or not ?

In the IDE you can create constants.

And if you create them as string constants you can set them to be “localized” or not.

This gives you the ability to support multiple different languages in a single build as the localized language files will be saved and used by your application.

But what happens to other kinds of constants if you add different instance values to ?… Read the rest

Select case vs if then

And how they work …..

In a bug report I made I posted a tiny sample of code

Dim tokens() As String

Select Case True
Case tokens.ubound < 0
Case tokens(0) = "End"
Case  "Dim"
End Select

(Not this code has a known bug in it – Case “Dim” is wrong but it illustrated the bug I was reporting) I’ve used this style for very long sections of code esp where I dont want to clutter it up with extraneous “if then” or “elseif”

But it gathered a curious comment that convinced me the writer of that comment isnt certain how SELECT CASE works.… Read the rest

Class vs Module

Should be a great WWE match up

Really the question was “should I use a class or a module?”

There’s not really global “Oh always use X” answer here.

But usually if you find yourself wiring code that passed data to a method and you have a group of methods that collectively define a “data type” then you probably want a class.… Read the rest