Merry Christmas …

I dont know all the proper holiday greetings for everyone celebrating something at this time of year. For that I will apologize.

But it doesnt change my wish that everyone have the best holiday season this year especially after the crazy year we have all endured.

Yes. To everyone. Those who have helped me along the way.… Read the rest

Big Sur and Xojo

There’s a great debate about what versions of Xojo work on Big Sur.

IF you want to build DESKTOP apps you must use 2019r3.2 or later. Even an empty project fails to build properly.

They rely on a framework that Apple has removed and so the linking of them will fail.
Linking Executable ld: file not found: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/UIFoundation.framework/Versions/A/UIFoundationRead the rest

Why everything in a global namespace sucks

Alternatively – why Xojo should put everything in a Xojo namespace and NOT make anything global

I have a few projects that are the results of many many years of coding.

Updating them to the very latest version of Xojo ends up with lots of conflicts since Xojo added a String module with their own global extends for EndsWith and many others that have existed in other peoples code for years.… Read the rest


In Xojo if you define a class and add a constant you can refer to that constant like

// suppose class1.kConstant is a string constant
dim v as string = Class1.kConstant

Basically you can refer to the Class type and access the constant.

Or you can do

// suppose class1.kConstant is a string constant
dim c as new Class1
dim v as string = c.kConstant
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Xojo and cross compiling for macOS

Way back when, when Apple still permitted 32 bit compiles, the landscape for what you had to do to build an app that would work on macOS was a lot simpler.

Now, not only do you have to build the right kind of executable you need to also do code signing, even if only ad-hoc signing, to run even a debug app on the very latest versions of macOS.… Read the rest