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Sometimes when you create a subclass you want to your subclass to do something different than the class it inherits from. But you want to retain the API or reuse the method name because its perfectly suited.

When you do this and add a method that has the EXACT SAME signature as the one in the superclass you are overriding the method.… Read the rest

Faking named parameters

Xojo doesnt support named parameters. And I dont expect they are likely to add it any time soon. But, you can kind of fake it for yourself with a bit of work.

Xojo supports both variadic parameter lists, ones that take an unbounded list of parameter, and a declarative syntax for creating pairs as literals.

You can combine this into faking named parameters.… Read the rest

Thanks !

Flat out I’ll say Thanks to Xojo for the 2.1 decision to revert the event name changes. Of all the changes that one was probably the hardest one to deal with as there’s no easy way to #if around an event definition or event handler.

Properties may still cause some grief if you start a project in 2019r2 or r2.1 since they don’t retain the “old” values” so going back to an old version can be tricky if you start in 2019r2 or 2.1.… Read the rest


All I can say is WOW !

The Eagles reuniting was the first time I saw hell freeze over

And now I’ve seen it a second time

You’ll see what I mean

All I can say is OMG THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

Just wait. You’ll see what I mean in the not too distant future.

Downgrade 2019.R2 to 2019.R1.1

It had to happen sooner or later. But now questions about how to do this are appearing. And the answer is “it depends”.

ALWAYS use a copy or have a backup copy of your entire project JUST in case something goes wrong.

IF you have a license that permits you to save as text (Xojo Project) save your project as a text project.… Read the rest

Prepared Statements

Often you’ll hear people say you should use prepared statements to avoid sql injection issues. They’re not wrong. But there can be other reasons to use them.

In some db’s when you create a prepared statement and use it over & over you can avoid a fair amount of a speed hit.

When you initially create a prepared statement many db engines will actually do some work to figure out what the optimal mechanism, or query plan, is to access the data in a table.… Read the rest

A little off the usual

With all the hoopla going on about R2 I have been reading some things that are NOT programming related. Not my usual sort of thing to read.

Stuff like this.

And as I read the article I kept saying to myself Uh huh, Yup and Dead On. And the initial observation he made about

Customers switch because the first company let them down.

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