2 Replies to “Churn baby churn”

  1. That article talk not only about retaining customers but also about attracting the wrong customer with too low prices…

    But in Xojo’s case the ones willing to pay teh highest price (Pro’s) are also likely a MUCH smaller group IMO than who I think the majority of their potential customers (people more like me)… and for single platform use at least, they are often competing with free.

    While price is important to me, I have been using and payed fro licences fro most of the last 18 years…

    But the price increase in Pro, some years back, along with the concurrent increase in the cost of renewal, made me drop back to Desktop… and make it harder for me to justify keeping current in that, regardless of what xojo inc does (and I am not happy with how things have gone the last 5 years or so).

    So I don’t think their churn rate is due to too low prices… IMO its about what they have chosen concentrate on and not understanding our needs.

    As i have said elsewhere, outside of source control stuff both pros and “citizen developers’ largely need the same things in terms of functionality.

    1. The big issue I saw in this article was that measuring the churn rate is something that every business needs to do to understand why people leave that product.
      Understanding what attracts people is important but if hose people quickly leave knowing why that happens is equally valuable.

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