A little off the usual

With all the hoopla going on about R2 I have been reading some things that are NOT programming related. Not my usual sort of thing to read.

Stuff like this.

And as I read the article I kept saying to myself Uh huh, Yup and Dead On. And the initial observation he made about

Customers switch because the first company let them down.

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Point. Missed.

Reading the latest blog post about “Your path forward with API 2.0” just reassured me that the pain API 2.0 brought to third parties was not understood. It puts those who create and sell code to others or who sell applications to a broad base of customers across many OS versions in a tough spot.

Xojo is a great tool.… Read the rest

Express yourself

I’ve seen a number of people say they are not renewing their subscription to Xojo. And because of that they are also cancelling subscriptions to third party products they rely on when using Xojo.

IF you are one of the people please let Geoff know why you are not renewing or are leaving.

On being a developer

As developers we need to be more than just average consumers of technology.

That means we need to be more realistic about things like system updates and patches than just blindly installing them especially on our primary working machine.

At the very least we need to be able to test the very latest. You know our users are going to install the latest betas and run them as soon as possible.… Read the rest