Why Xojo should focus on existing users

It used to be that as an existing user of REAL basic or REAL studio there was a discount when you updated. So instead of paying full price yearly you’d pay a reduced rate to update.

With that model new users, especially ones who bought the more expensive licenses, made sense to court since the revenue from them could potentially be higher.… Read the rest

A modest proposal

There are lots of things that strike me as curious.

One of them is that that despite so many people needing third party code, plugins, or other add ons that Xojo doesn’t seem to promote or cultivate those folks who help them make their product better.

MS did this with VB from the outset. I dont know if the VB 1 team realied that they would never be able to supply 100% of the things that people wanted or just loved the idea of new custom controls in dll’s but they built that in early and its arguably one of the things that made VB so successful.… Read the rest

When characters arent characters

There are two “text handling” types in Xojo – String and Text.

And they vary quite a bit in how they handle textual data.

While strings use UTF-8 as their default encoding you still have to worry about what form of UTF-8 the characters in the string are in. Strings dont deal with “characters” in the way you and I perceive them.… Read the rest

Var, dim, both. Or Neither ?

Recently there was a blog post on Xojo’s blog from Wayne Golding about how 2019r2 and newer accept VAR as a keyword to declare a variable. And they still accept the older DIM.

There are some issues with VAR IF you ever have to move your code to an older version. I know a lot of developers of commercial software that have to do this so they can continue to support their clients running older versions of various operating systems.… Read the rest

Things that make you go Huh

Well in this case more like “Huh I guess I should finish that damned thing up” 😛

When I watched the recent keynote there was one bit that made me think exactly that. It was the point where geoff was showing off drawing from a XojoScript.

I’d tinkered with something on and off for a while – and its been more off lately than on.… Read the rest

Issues with creation – the answer

Yeah. 42. I know that answer 🙂

So far what we have is

Module PictureMimicry

    Class MyPicture
       Function MyGraphics() as MyGraphics
       End Function
    End Class

    Class MyGraphics
    End Class
End Module

And now, for the answer, on how to make it so we can make the compiler catch the attempts to create a new MyGraphics.

First we ABSOLUTELY put a protected constructor on MyGraphics.… Read the rest

More stuff on github

I’ve posted a bunch of my code on github

Like a module that converts to hex, oct, binary properly. By this i mean if you pass in an Int32 you get back 32 bits worth of encoded data – 4 hex digits, 5 octal digits (since each only covers 7 bits), and 32 binary digits. And if you pass in an int8 you get back 8 bits.… Read the rest

Issues with creation

No. I dont meant the whole “God created the earth in 7 days” business. Sorry but this isnt going to be a discussion of monotheism and the belief systems they have. Maybe some other time when I get tired of discussing it with my uncle, the ex-Catholic priest, and his wife, the ex-Catholic nun. It does make for some fun discussions though 🙂

No, this is about the whole question of creating objects in Xojo and how, in our code, we can make it so some code can create new instances using NEW and other code cannot.… Read the rest