2020r2 desktop changes

Some changes wont be a big deal
If you happened to use the style REALbasic.function name then some of those will need fixing as they have moved from the REALbasic framework into different ones. IF you need to prefix things with the right namespace you’ll have to sort out which one it got moved to but its USUALLY one named the same as the data type.… Read the rest

What I sent vs what I got

Sent directly to Dana Brown Thur Nov 19, 2020 @2:01 PM (typos and all)

No I’m not writing to appeal being suspended

What I am wondering is if you would alter this to be “silenced” instead of “suspended”
Functionally silenced has the effect of making it so I cannot post – but it does allow me to log in an access things like the testers forum to be able to download new builds

In the long run the effect is stil lthat I’m not an actuve particpating member since I cannot post in any way
see – https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-moderation-guide/63116
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If it compiles when I press run …

Folks come to expect that if I press run and the code compiles that when I press build it will still compile.
And realistically why shouldn’t it ?
Run builds an actual application and, for the most part, the only difference was that now in a Xojo debug run the debug app has a bit of code in it for the IDE to talk to and control and query back and forth.… Read the rest

Things that go unanswered

From Xojo’s forums where no one has bothered to answer that _could_ answer

Container Control Init

Should Container Controls be receiving set calls on computed properties before the open event fires?

Yes. When Xojo creates the layout that contains the container it effectively sets EVERY property regardless. Its as if you wrote :

dim c as new ContainerControl
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Is it built in or …

Xojo has a pretty handy language feature called “extension methods”

They can be used by anyone to add functionality to any existing class. And they cane/have been used by Xojo to do exactly this.

For instance, the currency class has no built in functions to convert itself to a string, from a string, etc. Yet when you enter code like

Dim c As Currency

s = Currency.
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Is this just rearranging deck chairs ?

On the forum theres a long thread about altering how the points in Feedback work and how they can be assigned.

I have to admit that from my perspective, and seemingly from others, the issue is not so much with gathering reports, but the “processes” that occur after gathering reports.

Currently we can assign points to reports by making them favourites.… Read the rest