Things that go unanswered

From Xojo’s forums where no one has bothered to answer that _could_ answer

Container Control Init

Should Container Controls be receiving set calls on computed properties before the open event fires?

Yes. When Xojo creates the layout that contains the container it effectively sets EVERY property regardless. Its as if you wrote :

dim c as new ContainerControl = value = value
... and so one for EVERY property ...
and now the Open Event can be raised

Setting left/right margins to 0

I am trying to add “MarginLeft=0” and “MarginRight=0” to the setupstring. I have
settings=ps.SetupString and can dump the values in settings but the margins are not setup by default so I want to force it.

I’ve searched for a while but cannot find a way to add those two entries.

In general no you cant / shouldnt try to stuff values in there manually as this “string” is not meant to always be human readable to modifiable like this. MBS has plugins for Windows & MacOS that will permit you to control this in greater depth