Getting Started with C#

Of course to follow along you’ll need to download and install VS for macOS

Once you have it you can easily start a new “solution”
This is MS’ term for what might roughly be the equivalent of a Xojo project (although its a bit more than that) But for now “Xojo project” is close enough.

Select “New”

Select Mac app in the left hand pane send select “Cocoa app” and make sure the language elector is set to C# (you can use others supported by C# but I’m going to focus on C#)

Press Continue

Give your project a name – I used getting_started

Note that in this pane you can select which version of macOS you want to deploy backwards to.… Read the rest

Adventures in C#

Yeah after all these years I’ve started writing some code in C#

Mostly as a way to work in something else
But also as a way to learn another language that I _might_ end up needing to use for client work. Thats a whole different story.

So I started just using a framework put together by Björn Eiríksson

Any first it was just learning how to write code, add event handlers, and generally just getting used to how this all worked, C# syntax (some very handy things there) and poking about.… Read the rest


I’m happy to se Xojo has decided that maintaining bug base software is not the business we are in
However, the issues that many people have complained about are not JUST about the tool

Some have characterized their feelings about Xojo as Expected behavior working is not Xojo’s strength

And thats not the result of what tool is used to track bug reports or api proposals

That is is a lack of process in how they do what they do.… Read the rest

Numbers after the change

Xojo recently shifted way from Feedback, their home grown bug tracker, to Issues from GitLab. As part of this they’ve added a number of bots that seem to automatically deal with cases.

Comparisons to my old #’s are difficult because Issues tracks multiple tags per case where Feedback basically had a single status

There are some easy comparisons

In Feedback I had 58 Archived cases, several of which I requested be reopened,
In issues there are 99, with several I’ve asked to be reopened.… Read the rest

Numbers 2022-05

Current count of my cases in Feedback

Archived 58
Closed (already Exists) 12
Closed (by Design) 49
Closed (Duplicate) 55
Closed (Misc) 37
Closed (No Longer Reproducible) 5
Closed (Not Actionable) 9
Closed (Not Reproducible) 48
Fixed 9
Fixed & Verified 133 (broken down as)
       Build 2
       Compiler 1
       Crashes & assertions 5
       Database Plugins 1
       Debugger 1
       Documentation 37
       Examples 2
       Framework – All 16
       Framework – Web 4
       Framework – Windows 2
       Framework – macOS 4
       IDE – Auto Complete 6
       IDE – Build Automation 2
       IDE – Code Editor 5
       IDE – Constant Editor 1
       IDE – Debugger 1
       IDE – Enum Editor 1
       Ide – Errors & Warning Panel 2
       IDE – FileIO 3
       IDE – Inspector 10
       IDE – Language Reference 1
       IDE – Layout Editor 4
       IDE – Library 1
       IDE – Menu Editor 1
       IDE – Miscellaneous 6
       IDE – Navigator 1
       IDE – Refactoring Tools 1
       IDE -Scripting 1
       IDE – UI 3
       IDE – UI – Menus 1
       IDE – UI – Tabs 1
       N/A 6
       XojoScript 1
Implemented 5
Implemented & Verified 16
Open 433
Resolved 2


An interesting question posed on TOF

is there any way to inject code into a control’s events at runtime?
Or, is there a way to create a function or sub procedure and create its methods, parameters, and insert code at runtime?

The consensus is, to alter compiled code – no. Which I agree with.

The suggestion was to investigate Xojoscript – which I also agree with.… Read the rest

SVG for Xojo

There are a few Xojo coded SVG handlers

Most do a minimal level of SVG abut dont handle lots of extra fancy bits. Like proper clip path handling, defs with later uses sections, rotation, scaling, gradient fills and several others.

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a VERY VERY VERY early test version of an SVG plugin.… Read the rest

Numbers 2022

Since the last numbers post Xojo has moved a lot of cases to an”archived” status which I believe is a lot like “we’re not spending time on this unless you say its still relevant”. As well they removed several “open” statuses like Reviewed.

Direct comparisons to my last numbers post are more difficult with these changes.… Read the rest