One year on

When we started 2023 Xojo had
– 2013 open bug reports
– 25516 closed bug reports
– 4203 archived bug reports
– 11.62 average daily # of new reports
and the fist public case # I could find was 71329

As of Jan 1, 2024 there are
– 2280 open bug reports (an increase of 267 – up 13%)
– 26686 closed bug reports (an increase of 1170 – up 4%)
– 4284 archived bug reports (an increase of 81 – up 2%)
– 11.05 average daily # of new reports
and the fist public case # I could find was 75266 (up 3937 – up 5%)

With each release through the year more reports and bugs were filed than fixed meaning Xojo slowly fell further & further behind fixing issues.… Read the rest

C# on the mac

Well there’s a bummer

MS is ceasing development of VS on macOS

Too bad

And some would have you believe that this is the end of C# on macOS.

Not true
Unlike other proprietary tools that have a single IDE & compiler from one company C# has alternatives that can read & write VS projects and compile them on the Mac.… Read the rest

One year later

A little over a year ago Xojo switched to using a new issue tracker
IMHO this was a good move.

Not only does it seem to be more capable it lets them quit spending time on something they can buy and just use the heck out of. It lets them focus on their core product rather than ancillary things like bug trackers.… Read the rest

Enum Extender updated

In the increasingly badly named Enum Extender project I’ve added a way to take a bunch of text defining properties and make it possible to paste into the IDE

see this conversation for why

Now a bunch of text like

Public setting_Username As String
Public setting_Password As String
Public setting_PortNumber As Integer
Public setting_HostName As String
Public setting_MaxConnections As Integer

can be put into Enum Extender and it will set the correct pastable data onto the clipboard

See the new Property Paster window in the project

*NB : at this time the app does not accept

Public Property setting_Username As String

the PROPERTY word is NOT actually correct

An update soon will fix this

Ventura ? !!!!!!!!!!

Holy sh&^%!@&%^TTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mucking about still with Ventura on an external bootable drive
And set both external monitors to mirror the main, then set them back to extended and ……..

it stopped flickering !!!!!!!!!!

So maybe I’ll update now 😛

Ventura – no thanks

I’ve been asked why I still run Catalina on my 2019 16″ MBP

Well the updates in between then, and now ALL suffer from this particular problem. I’ve yet to find a solution.

Yeah – such fun

Appears I’m not alone and external monitors and flickering is a widely experienced issue

UPDATE : Apple released 13.4 and someone said “Hey it fixes the flicker!”… Read the rest

In praise of preferences

I like to have lots of preferences

Things that I CAN tweak to my liking IF I want to

Not that I do in every product I use for writing code. But its nice to have them. For instance in Xcode and VS Mac there are a TON of settings.

And I’ve customized very few. Why ?… Read the rest