Not the app. Just the crazy numbers of covid infections and such we’re seeing here.

I’ve been keeping track of the numbers on my own as the published numbers on the AHS site are spread around in a way they dont present a clear picture.

This is my graph lately


Heads up

Been getting weird reports from friends that Xojo 2021r1 isnt quite as “native” on M1’s as expected

If you do NOT install Rosetta the IDE runs – but you cannot debug or build anything

Poking around it appears the linkers, ld, ldarm and lld are all only built as x86_64 binaries meaning that you MUST install Rosetta for Xojo to be able to debug or build

EDIT : I wrote Geoff after I heard of this and said “someone should look into this ASAP”.… Read the rest

A lack of symmetry

This thread illustrates some of the confusion people have with API 2

The documentation doesn’t help clear it up either since it says, quite clearly, that there seems to be a Boolean.ToString method.

I know this isn’t whats meant, but the writer of that thread obviously doesn’t.

Right now code has to look like

dim b as boolean = Boolean.FromString("true)
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Hiding your insides from the rest of the world

Xojo has no “friend” scope (see

In other words there is no way to indicate that one class or method can call the protected / private methods of another class. Either the methods are public, and any other code can use them, or they are protected so only the class & subclasses can use them, or private and then only that class can access them.… Read the rest

Feels good

Took a few minutes last night and helped out another member of the Xojo world.

Seemed like he was a bit stuck and what I pointed out got them back on track.

And then I got several messages :

Norman, you are a FUCKING treasure to this community.

Nobody tries to help as much as you do.

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Recent ski trip

Recently my wife and I took my mom with us when we went on a ski trip.

While there I came across a couple guys who were paragliding and it looks like so much fun!

Maybe next year I’ll give this a try 😛

dim Session as Session = Session

Theres a long thread on the Xojo forums about Color shouldnt be a reserved property name

It really isnt. This is JUST the IDE preventing you from using the name IN the IDE

It causes no confusion.

The title of this article was, at one time, a recommended way for figuring out the current session in a Web 1.0 app

The compiler has NO issue sorting out whats a variable, whats a data type, and whats a method call.… Read the rest

Big Sur and 2019r1.1

The official line is “if you want to run Big Sur you MUST use a version newer than 2019r3.2” – at least for desktop apps (web apps arent affected in the same way)

But you CAN actually get 2019r1.1 to work for desktop apps on Big Sur

Here is what I have done to be able to run Xojo 2019r1.1 on Big Sur (Intel) – and to successfully DebugRun and Build Desktop applications:

Replace these files in the Xojo 2019r1.1 application bundle with those from 2019r3.2:

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