Filetype help

On the forums someone is looking for a way to identify what kind of file they are dealing with. And then a way to “sort” knowing those types.

The suggestion given is to look at each extension in a simple way

But, you can get away without ever having to look at the extension. Folderitem already assigns a TYPE IF there is a filetype defined that matches.… Read the rest

Help keep your code sanity

Ever think to yourself “Oh I have this project to do and I’ll just cut and paste the code from there and tweak it?” And now you have two copies that are a lot alike but maybe not exactly the same.

And then you do this over & over and now you have many copies of that code?… Read the rest


A long time ago I was in a BEd\Bsc program at University.

It was supposed to end with me having two degrees. One Degree in Education and one in Computer Science. But the two faculties couldn’t agree on the course of studies over 5 years. And when I got to year 5 it turned out both expected me to do at least one more full year in each faculty.… Read the rest


Sometimes you want classes to have a common API.

But rather than adding a common super class or interface to define that common API, you just make sure your classes have the same methods, events, properties & whatever else you feel is necessary to make them have “the same API”.

I would suggest you rethink doing this.… Read the rest

Misunderstanding the issue

Last night I read a blog by someone who obviously misunderstands why it is INN and some inhabitants are disheartened by where Xojo is at this point.

There are some there who are definitely Xojo haters now. They didnt start out that way. Years of “it’s coming soon” have lead them to not believe those statements.… Read the rest

If you build web apps

Of just about any kind, not just Xojo web apps, LifeBoat is so darned handy you really should get it.

Its so easy to use that today I redeployed a web app several times in a matter of minutes.

Its truly one of those must have tools

Web 2.0 thoughts

Lately I’ve been writing a Web2.0 app and TBH I can see where folks are experiencing issues.

There are omissions, glitches and bugs that need addressing.

But, I also wonder why Xojo hasnt dog fooded Web 2 with Feedback or some other app they use and rely on ? And that would show them the issues developers are facing.… Read the rest