HTML still isnt a programming language

Some random guy writes he thinks it is. Whatever.

Build me an app in HTML.
NO CSS, NO JS. Those aren’t HTML
Plain jane old pure and simple HTML.

Oh but you say I can submit forms and – yeah to the SERVER that is served from. But then what ? The server won’t DO anything with that form or the data on it unless its running PHP or Java or something that can DO something with the data (even just stuff it in a file !)… Read the rest


Not the app. Just the crazy numbers of covid infections and such we’re seeing here.

I’ve been keeping track of the numbers on my own as the published numbers on the AHS site are spread around in a way they dont present a clear picture.

This is my graph lately


Heads up

Been getting weird reports from friends that Xojo 2021r1 isnt quite as “native” on M1’s as expected

If you do NOT install Rosetta the IDE runs – but you cannot debug or build anything

Poking around it appears the linkers, ld, ldarm and lld are all only built as x86_64 binaries meaning that you MUST install Rosetta for Xojo to be able to debug or build

EDIT : I wrote Geoff after I heard of this and said “someone should look into this ASAP”.… Read the rest

A lack of symmetry

This thread illustrates some of the confusion people have with API 2

The documentation doesn’t help clear it up either since it says, quite clearly, that there seems to be a Boolean.ToString method.

I know this isn’t whats meant, but the writer of that thread obviously doesn’t.

Right now code has to look like

dim b as boolean = Boolean.FromString("true)
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