Express yourself

I’ve seen a number of people say they are not renewing their subscription to Xojo. And because of that they are also cancelling subscriptions to third party products they rely on when using Xojo.

IF you are one of the people please let Geoff know why you are not renewing or are leaving.

Spot the bug

You might run into this one from time to time. I know it has bitten a LOT of people and it’s not intuitive at all.

In a new desktop app add a new Class. The default name of Class1 will work fine. And create a new subclass of this. Again the default of CustomClass1 will work fine.… Read the rest

About incremental compilation

There are ways to see what is / isnt being recompiled

Its one of those many temporary files xojo creates

First thing you need is the PID of the specific instance of xojo you’re interested in.
It makes life simpler IF you just run one version at a time
Once you start Xojo you can look in Activity Monitor & get its PID

If you find the dir referred to by SpecialFolder.Temporary… Read the rest

About Events

Seems there is some lack of clarity about event handlers and event definitions and how this affects 2019r2.

Lets start with event handlers and event definitions.

When you take a control, like a push button, and drag one onto a layout you are creating an instance of a button on that layout. And you can add event handlers to that control.… Read the rest

ByVal and ByRef

A recent thread on the forums made it clear there is some lack of clarity about ByVal and ByRef

So here’s yet another attempt.

Value types are ones that the data assigned to them is stored right IN the memory location the compiler set aside for them.

A statement like

dim i as integer

reserves a spot in memory when you compile.… Read the rest


Some languages have to notion of FINAL for methods, events, properties and many other aspects of the language.

But what exactly does FINAL do or mean ?

In other languages, like Java, FINAL has other uses like creating “constants” which there is no need for in Xojo. In those languages a FINAL property is a constant.… Read the rest

On being a developer

As developers we need to be more than just average consumers of technology.

That means we need to be more realistic about things like system updates and patches than just blindly installing them especially on our primary working machine.

At the very least we need to be able to test the very latest. You know our users are going to install the latest betas and run them as soon as possible.… Read the rest

A reason

I want Xojo to succeed. My living relies on it. This is the same for others I talk with. We all NEED Xojo to succeed. For us it needs to do more than just survive from day to day. We need it to grow. Our businesses depend on Xojo. We need it to be stable. We need it to be dependable.… Read the rest

New Attributes in 2019r2

There’s a lot of things to digest in 2019r2

One of the handy things that was added is a new Attribute you can make use of in your own custom controls – DefaultEvent

By adding this attribute to your custom class’ attributes you can make it so any one of the events your custom controls exposes is the “default event”.… Read the rest