About incremental compilation

There are ways to see what is / isnt being recompiled

Its one of those many temporary files xojo creates

First thing you need is the PID of the specific instance of xojo you’re interested in.
It makes life simpler IF you just run one version at a time
Once you start Xojo you can look in Activity Monitor & get its PID

If you find the dir referred to by SpecialFolder.Temporary
a two liner in Xojo like this would suffice

dim f as folderitem = SpecialFolder.Temporary


for me on 10.14.6 this is buried in


Inside there should be a dir named “xojo scratch <PID>” and the PID will be the one you looked up previously in Activity Monitor

Inside there are different dirs for each open project that you have saved & run
They are generally named in a way that its not so hard to tell which is which

If you open this in the Finder then you can sort by last modified
Every time you run you can see the modification dates of things and tell what is / isnt being recompiled