One year on

When we started 2023 Xojo had
– 2013 open bug reports
– 25516 closed bug reports
– 4203 archived bug reports
– 11.62 average daily # of new reports
and the fist public case # I could find was 71329

As of Jan 1, 2024 there are
– 2280 open bug reports (an increase of 267 – up 13%)
– 26686 closed bug reports (an increase of 1170 – up 4%)
– 4284 archived bug reports (an increase of 81 – up 2%)
– 11.05 average daily # of new reports
and the fist public case # I could find was 75266 (up 3937 – up 5%)

With each release through the year more reports and bugs were filed than fixed meaning Xojo slowly fell further & further behind fixing issues.… Read the rest

In praise of preferences

I like to have lots of preferences

Things that I CAN tweak to my liking IF I want to

Not that I do in every product I use for writing code. But its nice to have them. For instance in Xcode and VS Mac there are a TON of settings.

And I’ve customized very few. Why ?… Read the rest

Antlr 4

Having once upon a time having had to use Lex & Yacc, and their eventual successors Flex & Bison, I’d been more than passingly familiar with writing and debugging grammars.

And all their weirdness like shift reduce conflicts 😛

At Xojo I’d looked through the grammar for the language to make sure various editors and parsers were conforming to the grammar especially in places like the method signature editor where you could paste in the whole thing into the method name and it would pull it apart.… Read the rest

Fixing code by not touching it follow up

In the case I described the code is in a subclass a Xojo class

The idea here is to INSERT a new subclass between the existing subclass and the new one. And the newly inserted subclass will expose things in a way the OLD existing code wont break

So we never touch the old code
We just modify the inheritance chain in a way we can then alter how things behave

So in his case we can add a new subclass of EmailMessage that exposes the Source as a Method pair ( get & set) and then make the existing class inherit from our new class

And the existing code will then JUST work without ever having had to alter any of it

Next time you have an issue like this consider that as an option !

Fixing code by not touching it

The other day I was helping a friend with some code that worked fine in several versions of Xojo but then in a newer one wouldn’t compile

Seems he found a compiler regression Whether this _should_ have been caught by regression tests etc is an entirely different question.

It exists. And now his large project doesn’t compile.… Read the rest

XojoScript debugging

if you’ve EVER tried to debug a Xojo Script its truly a pain in the rear end

Since one of my current projects requires a lot of Xojo Script that became really apparent and really annoying

So, for this project, we made a XojoScript debugger 😛
You can run & single step. And with each step the values of all variables in scope will be reported; where possible.… Read the rest


Over the last week I’ve been asked repeatedly about INN’s status
So I’ll post the same answer I’ve give n out several times

It seems to have been a series of bad luck & timing

Garry was in the process of transferring operation of INN to me
Just as  I was going on holidays

And apparently Digital Ocean had a node failure and thats where INN was housedAs far as I know Garry hasn’t investigated or invested any time to get it back up and running since he was moving away from being the admin anyway

And I’ve been on hotel wifi so couldn’t get anything done

The intent IS to get the domain transferred and the discourse instance back up and running as quickly as possible

UPDATE : I am HOPING that once the domain transfers that INN will be back up
That could be later this week after Nov 23
Fingers crossed !