I’m happy to se Xojo has decided that maintaining bug base software is not the business we are in
However, the issues that many people have complained about are not JUST about the tool

Some have characterized their feelings about Xojo as Expected behavior working is not Xojo’s strength

And thats not the result of what tool is used to track bug reports or api proposals

That is is a lack of process in how they do what they do.… Read the rest

Numbers after the change

Xojo recently shifted way from Feedback, their home grown bug tracker, to Issues from GitLab. As part of this they’ve added a number of bots that seem to automatically deal with cases.

Comparisons to my old #’s are difficult because Issues tracks multiple tags per case where Feedback basically had a single status

There are some easy comparisons

In Feedback I had 58 Archived cases, several of which I requested be reopened,
In issues there are 99, with several I’ve asked to be reopened.… Read the rest