I’m happy to se Xojo has decided that maintaining bug base software is not the business we are in
However, the issues that many people have complained about are not JUST about the tool

Some have characterized their feelings about Xojo as Expected behavior working is not Xojo’s strength

And thats not the result of what tool is used to track bug reports or api proposals

That is is a lack of process in how they do what they do. A rigorous process for making sure what goes out the door works as specified would reduce surprises when betas go out to users.
But I don’t believe they have such a thing.
Sure they changed from Feedback to Issues to have abetter tool for tracking whats in each release. Great !
All that does it give you better tracking of changes.
It doesnt mean that when you make changes you have done rigorous testing of those changes and QA before it gets to users

Was a unit test created that exposes the bug?
And JUST that bug ?
Then the bug fixed and now the unit test passes ?

And do those unit tests get run on every check in so regressions are found & fixed long before they get to an alpha build, never mind a beta ?

Trust me I realize that UI testing this way is tougher to automate.
But its necessary to automate what you can (hello AppleScript & Accessibility !)
And where you cant make darned sure you try & test everything that could be affected.
And if you say it works on Xojo Cloud make sure that is tested too !
Don’t just assume that because it works on my desktop it will work there too !

Issues might be a great tool but it alone is not likely to be the answer to better quality releases