Numbers after the change

Xojo recently shifted way from Feedback, their home grown bug tracker, to Issues from GitLab. As part of this they’ve added a number of bots that seem to automatically deal with cases.

Comparisons to my old #’s are difficult because Issues tracks multiple tags per case where Feedback basically had a single status

There are some easy comparisons

In Feedback I had 58 Archived cases, several of which I requested be reopened,
In issues there are 99, with several I’ve asked to be reopened.
Archived is a label I’d like to see tossed out as it is, at least in my experience, a label that just plainly says “Thanks for the report we just don’t care to look at this.”

In Feedback I had had 433 Open cases.
As of today in Issues there are 117.
When I look at my closed cases I see a lot that have been updated recently. But I just don’t have the energy to review all the lines closed in the last 2 weeks. I see some marked as duplicates of other cases.

Beyond that its hard to do direct comparisons.

One thing Issues makes possible is that it is possible to quickly search for all kinds of labels

Like, bugs, archived, not marked fixed, by design, implemented, not actionable or not reproducible

Such a query shows, as I write, 4148 of these

Labelled Bug, reproducible and archived a paltry 11

Or reported by other users