Ventura ? !!!!!!!!!!

Holy sh&^%!@&%^TTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mucking about still with Ventura on an external bootable drive
And set both external monitors to mirror the main, then set them back to extended and ……..

it stopped flickering !!!!!!!!!!

So maybe I’ll update now 😛

Ventura – no thanks

I’ve been asked why I still run Catalina on my 2019 16″ MBP

Well the updates in between then, and now ALL suffer from this particular problem. I’ve yet to find a solution.

Yeah – such fun

Appears I’m not alone and external monitors and flickering is a widely experienced issue

UPDATE : Apple released 13.4 and someone said “Hey it fixes the flicker!”… Read the rest

In praise of preferences

I like to have lots of preferences

Things that I CAN tweak to my liking IF I want to

Not that I do in every product I use for writing code. But its nice to have them. For instance in Xcode and VS Mac there are a TON of settings.

And I’ve customized very few. Why ?… Read the rest

Antlr 4

Having once upon a time having had to use Lex & Yacc, and their eventual successors Flex & Bison, I’d been more than passingly familiar with writing and debugging grammars.

And all their weirdness like shift reduce conflicts 😛

At Xojo I’d looked through the grammar for the language to make sure various editors and parsers were conforming to the grammar especially in places like the method signature editor where you could paste in the whole thing into the method name and it would pull it apart.… Read the rest