Enum extender update

Added a little editor pane so you can quickly add values to an enum then get the whole mess written to the clipboard so you can paste that into the IDE


Not with a gun – I’ve never shot a living thing in my life although I have fired guns of various kinds.

Right now I’m on the hunt for a “ridiculously fast string”

Xojo’s are OK but things like split, left, right, mid can really bog down if you use enormous strings. I’ve looked at a couple alternatives but so far haven’t found what I need ๐Ÿ™

And right now I’m working on a text editor (more or less) and stress testing it with big strings.… Read the rest


Code optimization is often described as hand waving and magic.

But mostly its science.

Compilers implement transformations on code that results in provably identical semantic operation but that can result in faster performance, smaller code, or in some cases both (depending on what settings the particular compiler in use exposes)

LLVM uses a form known as SSA (single static assignment).… Read the rest

Code posting

One of Xojo’s forum guidelines I dislike is

Code should be provided in your reply directly, rather than links to code on other websites or blogs, in order to maintain the postsโ€™ viability for a longer period.

I’ve come to dislike it because sometimes code examples require more than a handful of lines of code and posting a complete example application requires it be hosted somewhere else in order to link to it.… Read the rest

Enum extender

Tired of writing methods to convert enums to strings and back ?

This little tool lets you drag enum(s) from the IDE onto it and then select the text and paste it back in to the IDE

I will write two styles of conversions – one pair as extends and one as ToString/FromString

To paste the code back into the IDE see my previous post

You’ll find it here

Pasting plain text code

If, like me, you sometime munge text into code and then want to paste it into the IDE that can sometimes be a real chore

Unless you happen to know this little trick

If you have plain text lke

Public Function ToString(extends enumValue as Untitled) as String
  select case enumValue
    case Untitled.valueName
        return "valueName"
    case Untitled.valueName
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Xojo has this great feature. You can write sets of methods that can act like LValues. That is – ones that can have a value assigned to them. Or ones that occur on the LEFT of an assignment operator.

dim i as integer
i = 9 // <<< i is an LValue

What can I do with assigns ?… Read the rest