Code posting

One of Xojo’s forum guidelines I dislike is

Code should be provided in your reply directly, rather than links to code on other websites or blogs, in order to maintain the posts’ viability for a longer period.

I’ve come to dislike it because sometimes code examples require more than a handful of lines of code and posting a complete example application requires it be hosted somewhere else in order to link to it. Xojo’s forums have no way to post a long sample inline.

Longer samples posted with links in the forums post remains no more, or less, viable than it ever has when you do need to post more than a few lines of code.

Images and other content has the exact same issue. It has to be hosted elsewhere anyway.

Xojo edits get disabled quite rapidly after posting. It seems its about an hour and then the post is no longer editable. If there’s a correction to be made after this you cannot and then have to post all new code. For anyone who may not read the entire thread this can be a problem as they may see the first chunk of code and use it then complain it doesnt work or compile or whatever. And the auto, hopefully, notices this and posts new code.

So, unless its just a small amount of code I’m likely to post more substantial items on my blog or IfNotNil or linked to from there (since they also dont host the content for more substantial examples).

Full samples are on my servers – same as always.

And the other upside to if not nil is edits are enabled forever (so far). And should you ever want to remove the post you can. Its yours to do with as long as you want.