Multiple return types dream

Suppose you want to do something like a set of preferences that are a simple key/value pairing.

A dictionary seems a great choice. Its keys can be any type and the values any type because both are variants.

So far so good.

Now you can do something like

dim i as integer = PrefsDict.Value("keyForIntegerValuedPreference")

And all seems great !… Read the rest

The great opening

Xojo decided to change Feedback statuses on reports by essentially telling users less.

So instead of knowing what reports have been reviewed and found to be reproducible by their testing staff, which ones have been verified as bugs by development staff, etc everything is now just “Open” until one day it may reach some other status.… Read the rest

New vs renew

Suppose there is a software product that sells brand new for $99

And once you own one you can update it for 50% off

If you can attract 500 new users every year then you should go after new users since you earn more money than if 500 existing users renew. 2x as much.

Now suppose you adopt Apples full price renewal model ?… Read the rest