Theres a new attribute on some items – RuntimeOnly

Not sure what it means or is used for since its undocumented by Xojo

Dim typeInfo As Introspection.TypeInfo = GetTypeInfo(Checkbox)

Dim propInfos() As Introspection.PropertyInfo = typeInfo.GetProperties

For Each propInfo As Introspection.PropertyInfo In propInfos
  Dim attrInfos() As Introspection.AttributeInfo = propInfo.GetAttributes
  For Each attrInfo As Introspection.AttributeInfo In attrInfos
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The unofficial list of Web 2.0 deferred items

I’ve been accumulating a list of things that I can find Xojo has said are deferred until later, are removed or that they have no plans to implement at this time.

– WebToolbar IDE Editor
– WebCanvas update to jCanvas
– WebMapViewer update.
– Draggable rows and columns in WebListBox
– WebLocation control
– Key filtering, formatting and validation
– WebListbox Editable cells
– WebListbox.Selected… Read the rest


2020r1 finally shipped today.

260 days since 2019r3 shipped. A long time between major releases.

For anyone using Xojo for the desktop, not web, this release isnt particularly noteworthy with fixes for the desktop framework.

There are a number of bug fixes to correct API 2 additions made since 2019.

The focus for 2020r1 was Web 2.0 which is a complete overhaul of Web projects.… Read the rest


noun | ˈadvəkət | 1 a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy

verb | ˈadvəkeɪt | [with object] publicly recommend or support

A good read on turning users into advocates

Along with useful links and examples of things that work and also discussions of why they work.

A good read for anyone running a business of any kind.

While you’re out reading have a spin through this one as well

Making keydown events easier to read

I frequently have to look up certain events and read what returning true and false means.

I dont try to memorize this stuff any more.

One thing I do is insert something like

// this makes things semantically easier to deal with 
// and easier to read
Const rejectKey = True
Const acceptKey = False

into keydown handlers and then return rejectKey and acceptKey from whatever code I write.… Read the rest


I’d originally written this post in May thinking that “Surely Xojo MUST be done by now” and that I could write a quick review post after Xojo released R1 “any time now”.

I wrote that originally on May 11

Its now August – 12 weeks later – and no release yet

Bob asked much the same question in June

He asked nearly 2 months ago.… Read the rest