I’d originally written this post in May thinking that “Surely Xojo MUST be done by now” and that I could write a quick review post after Xojo released R1 “any time now”.

I wrote that originally on May 11

Its now August – 12 weeks later – and no release yet

Bob asked much the same question in June

He asked nearly 2 months ago.

And no release in sight yet.

As far as I can tell since REAL changed their name to Xojo Inc this is the longest delay in any releases they have had. It does seem to me this could easily be the longest delays in releases they have ever had since REAL Software was founded.

I have had a handful of license holders contact me saying they feel like they have been misled or even, as one put it, “ripped off” having bought licenses around the time of 2019r2/3 and then having received almost no updates since then.

The best advice I can give is “Try the newest release. When it has what you need only then should you buy a license. Otherwise keep your money in your wallet. Do not autorenew. “

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  1. Yeah, a lot of users really got screwed on this release. And although I haven’t tried it, the number of features deferred or removed suggest Web 2.0 really isn’t as ready as Geoff had hoped.

    1. I’ve kept an unofficial list of deferred and removed items
      Don’t know if Xojo will publish an official one if asked to but it would be useful for folks considering “updating” to Web 2.0

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