Careful with your IDE & Xojo scripts

The project I’m working on uses a TON of XojoScript.

And for the most part I can test things in the IDE script editor window since that also runs XojoScript code. It just has a different context assigned to it that permit access to the IDE.

However, recently my apps with the XojoScript code would crash.… Read the rest

Compat flags

What are these things and what use do they have ?

Buried away on the advanced tab of the inspector for most things is a little section that has a lot of check boxes labelled Desktop, Web, Console, iOS that I’m sure most folks dont know what they are for or what you’d use them for.… Read the rest

Citizen developers

No this isnt a rant about segregating developers into groups – maybe that will be a different post.

This is more about a couple recent conversations.

One had to do with how Xojo handles conversion & comparison of unsigned & signed values. Turns out that while I closed the bug report way back when based on info from a compiler developer I now think that was the wrong move.… Read the rest

TextInputCanvas series

I’m currently posting a tutorial about the TextInputCanvas at If Not Nil

A powerful and flexible but under documented control in Xojo’s toolkit it forms the basis of the Code Editor in the IDE

Adventures in B4J

I’ve been poking about with some alternative tools – probably more than I have in the last decade or more.

Previously I’d look at them for “competitive intelligence” reasons. To see where they were, where they were going and what things they did better.

Now that focus has shifted entirely. I, like many others, have been looking at other tools with an eye towards maybe moving away from Xojo.… Read the rest

How crash logs lie to you

Sometimes you get a crash log and start digging through the call stack assuming that what it shows you is The Truth.

But, it may not be.

If you strip symbols from your apps then the crash logs you get can be horribly misleading.

For instance a crash that looks like

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 libsystem_kernel.dylib
Read the rest

Another one joins the party !

We have MS trying to move Xamarin into a much more capable x-platform tool chain. Windows, iOS, Android, macOS (eventually) and even web is on the roadmap somewhere.

And, as of Sept 22, we get the announcement that the Swift team has released a toolchain for Windows.

What remains unclear with the both toolkits is how easy it will be to design a UI in a cross platform way.… Read the rest