Careful with your IDE & Xojo scripts

The project I’m working on uses a TON of XojoScript.

And for the most part I can test things in the IDE script editor window since that also runs XojoScript code. It just has a different context assigned to it that permit access to the IDE.

However, recently my apps with the XojoScript code would crash.

So I then tried the code in the IDE script editor window and to my surprise that crashed the entire IDE.

You can see one of my vastly trimmed down scripts in the feedback case attached to this report and this other one

Heads up !

2 Replies to “Careful with your IDE & Xojo scripts”

  1. I have scripts of tens of thousands of lines that work OK. However I was unaware that you could use pragmas in scripts. Might that be an issue?

  2. Yeah the pragmas work fine except I know that #if at the outmost level has/had some issues

    One of my small samples is 5400 lines and I’d been chasing an app crash and finally tracked it down to this very much slimmed down example

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