How I spent last weekend

Recently I visited a client in Germany
And we worked hard for the 2 weeks I was there

But while I was there I took advantage of the fact I’d be there over a weekend and went to Austria to ski at an enormous resort that had not yet closed – Ischgl.

Driving there I had feelings of dread as all the lower parts of hills like Garmisch-Partenkirchen were closed and obviously very green – but there was snow high up.… Read the rest

Nice week

Last week Trish & I went to Cancun
We’d planned this sometime ago and we had a really nice week

Visited Isla Mujeres, Chichen Itzá, and went snorkelling a couple times

On the ride over to Isla Mujeres we sat near this gent from Goa India who was on board without his girlfriend (she was sick that day)
We struck up a conversation and it turns out he’s in the same line of work I am
And we had a great visit for about 2 hours
I’m sure Trish was bored as heck as we talked nothing but tech & geek topics the entire time

And when we finally departed the boat we both made a deliberate & concerted effort to find the other & thanked each other for what turned out to be a great conversation which made the trip even nicer

It made nice day even nicer to meet someone as passionate about the things we talked about

And then the last evening we were there we sat with another resident of the condominium and her daughter.… Read the rest

Water + Horse ≠ Horse drinking water

The saying is of course “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot are it drink”

And that applies in many contexts
You can show a person a solution to a problem but they’ll still refuse it – for whatever reason they have.

Sometimes the real saying that should be applied is “You can only help someone if they want help”

Again, despite seeming to ask for it, when they get an offer of help that isnt EXACTLY what they wanted they’ll refuse the help.… Read the rest