Numbers 2022-05

Current count of my cases in Feedback

Archived 58
Closed (already Exists) 12
Closed (by Design) 49
Closed (Duplicate) 55
Closed (Misc) 37
Closed (No Longer Reproducible) 5
Closed (Not Actionable) 9
Closed (Not Reproducible) 48
Fixed 9
Fixed & Verified 133 (broken down as)
       Build 2
       Compiler 1
       Crashes & assertions 5
       Database Plugins 1
       Debugger 1
       Documentation 37
       Examples 2
       Framework – All 16
       Framework – Web 4
       Framework – Windows 2
       Framework – macOS 4
       IDE – Auto Complete 6
       IDE – Build Automation 2
       IDE – Code Editor 5
       IDE – Constant Editor 1
       IDE – Debugger 1
       IDE – Enum Editor 1
       Ide – Errors & Warning Panel 2
       IDE – FileIO 3
       IDE – Inspector 10
       IDE – Language Reference 1
       IDE – Layout Editor 4
       IDE – Library 1
       IDE – Menu Editor 1
       IDE – Miscellaneous 6
       IDE – Navigator 1
       IDE – Refactoring Tools 1
       IDE -Scripting 1
       IDE – UI 3
       IDE – UI – Menus 1
       IDE – UI – Tabs 1
       N/A 6
       XojoScript 1
Implemented 5
Implemented & Verified 16
Open 433
Resolved 2


An interesting question posed on TOF

is there any way to inject code into a control’s events at runtime?
Or, is there a way to create a function or sub procedure and create its methods, parameters, and insert code at runtime?

The consensus is, to alter compiled code – no. Which I agree with.

The suggestion was to investigate Xojoscript – which I also agree with.

And with careful planning and configuration you CAN make controls that can actually have their “event handlers” altered at runtime.

Here’s a very rudimentary sample that might spark some imagination & use

SVG for Xojo

There are a few Xojo coded SVG handlers

Most do a minimal level of SVG abut dont handle lots of extra fancy bits. Like proper clip path handling, defs with later uses sections, rotation, scaling, gradient fills and several others.

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a VERY VERY VERY early test version of an SVG plugin.

I posted a movie of it in action on INN

Your most infuriating bug report ?

Mine is easy to list. A serious noticeable regression in the debugger.
The debugger simply doesnt work as expected and the more I work the more infuriated I get that this bug has existed for over 2 years now

Voting for it hasnt gotten it fixed. And there are other similar bugs that seem related (like step not behaving a expected (

Whats YOUR most important bug report for Xojo to fix ?
Bug – not feature request

Numbers 2022

Since the last numbers post Xojo has moved a lot of cases to an”archived” status which I believe is a lot like “we’re not spending time on this unless you say its still relevant”. As well they removed several “open” statuses like Reviewed.

Direct comparisons to my last numbers post are more difficult with these changes. As well its hard to get a list of which Archived cases I have asked to be reopened as they are still happening and that I still experience.

archived 61
closed (already exists) 10
closed (by design) 49
closed (duplicate) 54
closed (misc) 36
closed (no longer reproducible) 5
closed (not actionable) 7
closed (not reproducible) 48
fixed 18
fixed & verified 118
implemented 3
implemented & verified 16
open 425
resolved 2

In total theres been a little movement in the intervening 5 months but not a lot

Automating adding comments

In Xojo I often need to add in a comment about when I modified something or what I was working on
And the comment needs to be in a particular format – and it needs the current date & time as part of the comment
And, I want to be able to insert these EASILY into whatever code I’m working on right where the insertion point is

To do this I came up with this IDE Script that I saved in my Scripts dir next to the IDE

Dim stripped As String
stripped = DoShellCommand("echo ""// Updated `/bin/date ""+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z""` -- NJP"" | /usr/bin/tr -C -d ""[:print:]"" | /usr/bin/pbcopy -Prefer txt")


this will make use of the DoShellCommand to get the unix shell to write a line with the current date in it, copy that to the clipboard, and then paste it right where the insertion point is

You can modify the unix shell commands used to do just about whatever else you want

Archived cases to be reopened

Posting this list here so its publicly known these exist & should be reopened
I’d post this list on TOF as well if I could

if you have your own list add to the thread on INN

Why you should subscribe to feedback cases

One of the criteria Xojo uses is number of voters (or subscribers) to judge how important a case is

Its been repeated that

I’m told it’s not that important to Xojo users or else they would have voted for it. So I’m going to rally the troops here and ask you to vote for it.

Because of how they rate importance it is important that you subscribe to bugs, not just read the case and hope Xojo does something about it.