C# on the mac

Well there’s a bummer

MS is ceasing development of VS on macOS

Too bad

And some would have you believe that this is the end of C# on macOS.

Not true
Unlike other proprietary tools that have a single IDE & compiler from one company C# has alternatives that can read & write VS projects and compile them on the Mac. It’s open sourced. Heck MS even made Roslyn, their compiler infrastructure open source.

Rider, from the JetBrains folks, works just fine.

Yes its not free like VS was – unfortunate.

But its not exactly expensive either

And if you REALLY want their super duper “do anything in any language we support” package

Still VERY affordable

Will I miss VS ? yeah a bit – but I’m sure I’ll manage to carry on on my mac

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  1. I use phpstorm exclusively now as my day job is full stack js/php/psql. No xojo sadly. Phpstorm is amazing and well worth the small cost

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