Ventura – no thanks

I’ve been asked why I still run Catalina on my 2019 16″ MBP

Well the updates in between then, and now ALL suffer from this particular problem. I’ve yet to find a solution.

Yeah – such fun

Appears I’m not alone and external monitors and flickering is a widely experienced issue

UPDATE : Apple released 13.4 and someone said “Hey it fixes the flicker!”

uh … nope

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  1. Yeh, I too have a 2019 16″ MBP, with three external 27″ monitors running Monterey 12.6, and I see this kind of behavior regularly. But then I’ve seen it for many previous OS releases to. I too am avoiding Ventura, but for various other reasons.

    1. I’ve never seen it on Catalina, did on Monterey, and OMG Ventura !
      Its simply not something I can work with when it does that all day every day
      I’ve tried so many “How to fix the flicker” things from the internet but none work permanently. Some may work for a while until I put the machine to sleep and when it wakes up its back.
      Some not even that long 🙁

    1. It just weird that JUST rebooting in a different OS with the exact same hard ware has this effect
      Ventura does this magic dance with monitors
      Catalina doesnt
      So _something_ in Ventura seems fubarred

  2. well my 2c … I “had” to upgrade to Ventura, when I discovered Xcode required it to develop for latest iOS…. So I bit the bullet.

    Been running it for over a month now. Mac Studio, with 3 monitors, and have yet to have any flicker whatsoever.

  3. Ventura 13.4 (released a few days ago) fixes this issue, at least based on a forum topic on MacRumors

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