2020r1 finally shipped today.

260 days since 2019r3 shipped. A long time between major releases.

For anyone using Xojo for the desktop, not web, this release isnt particularly noteworthy with fixes for the desktop framework.

There are a number of bug fixes to correct API 2 additions made since 2019.

The focus for 2020r1 was Web 2.0 which is a complete overhaul of Web projects.

Conversations I’ve had with others indicate that they expect several dot releases for 2020r1 to correct bugs and issues still outstanding on release day.

The other thing I’ve learned is that many expect that an update of an existing web 1.0 project to a web 2.0 project is more like a rewrite of that app using a totally new tool. This seems to be something of a disappointment that the IDE doesn’t do more work when opening an existing project. I understand Xojo’s rationale but this is disappointing none the less.

Be prepared to use an old and a new version of Xojo side by side to be able to move your project from one version to the next – or just bite the bullet and rewrite the application. Most of the rewriting will be in the UI – and any business logic that is not tied into the UI explicitly _should_ transition reasonably.

All this said, I mostly skipped testing 2020r1 as did many other long time users I talked to, as its focus was in areas that we were not concerned with.

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  1. I have no use for Web, and my PDF needs are more than covered by DynaPDF. So I‘ll pass. Maybe the next one …

    1. No idea how many people that situation applies to but I would say I’m in that boat as well.

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