Who set that (and who wants to read it) ?

Sometimes you’d like to use what in other languages is referred to as a watchpoint. Some hardware support exists for this in Intel CPU’s but it is limited (there are only a handful or hardware watchpoints available.)

Or it could be done in software; but as noted on Wikipedia this is a ton slower.

Xojo really doesn’t support either type.

But, you can fake it by using computed properties. And since Xojo makes it easy to switch between a public property and a computed one WITHOUT having to update your code (this is a wonderful feature) you can quickly and easily put whatever break points and conditional watches you want IN your code and have much of the benefit of watchpoints.

If you have a public property that you want to see who is setting it simply

  1. select the property
  2. right click and select “Convert to computed property”

And now you can put a break point in the SET, or GET, code for that computed property.

With some creativity you could even get to being able to modify whether the break point is reached while watching your program execute.