What I sent vs what I got

Sent directly to Dana Brown Thur Nov 19, 2020 @2:01 PM (typos and all)

No I’m not writing to appeal being suspended

What I am wondering is if you would alter this to be “silenced” instead of “suspended”
Functionally silenced has the effect of making it so I cannot post – but it does allow me to log in an access things like the testers forum to be able to download new builds

In the long run the effect is stil lthat I’m not an actuve particpating member since I cannot post in any way
see – https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-moderation-guide/63116 “Silence the user”


Thats it. The whole email.

I decided I would wait a decent amount of time before posting anything. Its been a week.

UPDATE : 2:01 Tue Nov 24 – No reply. Only silence.

UPDATE : 2:01 Wed Nov 25 – No reply. Only silence.

UPDATE : 2:01 Thu Nov 26 – No reply. Only silence.

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    1. Maybe
      I have no way of knowing and obviously if it is sending an extra email wont help ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Just another example (my opinion) of the infantile and petty attitude that Xojo, its managment and staff have towards their client base.

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