Stepping away

I’ve had several people tell me they are “stepping away from Xojo” at the moment.

Most are users with many years experience in Xojo.

It’s disappointing that its come to this.

Anyone else had this said to them or doing this ?

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  1. For my Beacon project, if I didn’t already have such a large codebase, I’d probably use React. I’m tired of fighting with Xojo’s bugs. The grass is always greener though.

    When I started the project over 4 years ago, I always intended to produce an iOS version. In that time, Xojo’s iOS support has languished. Android is still a distant dream, and will probably be as lackluster as iOS. What keeps me on Xojo is legacy.

    If somebody were looking to get into Xojo now, I’d tell them “If you want to make cross platform desktop apps that look 10 years old, Xojo is for you. Anything else, keep looking.”

    1. I wonder how many people are also staying because of legacy code bases ?

  2. Well, it’s quite the same for my beacon projects. I am also about leavin’ Apple as my 12 year long favorite platform switching to Debian Linux aswell. As soon there is a powerful Ryzen Thinkpad with a Display to be considered as close to Retina. Apple’s Macbook Pro lineup is a sad story for many years now.

    Xojo’s Linux Support is quite poor. The stakes for the new Web Framework are high and crucial. If Xojo doesn’t speed up in the next 1-2 years, I am away.

  3. I’m “stepping away” from renewing my licence, but am still using Xojo. I might have to renew (probably downgrading from Pro to Desktop) when there’s a reason to, but $700+ a year and API 2.0 is just too much to stomach.

  4. I had decided that due to the “API2 Debacle” and the arrogance of Xojo management (both my opinions), That I will not be renewing my Xojo license any time soon. I will use 2019r1.1 for what little I need it for until it is no long viable or until I complete my transition to using Swift for iOS/macOS applications

  5. I’m not renewing and I’ve had a license for close to 19 years.

    I’ve moved to PHP which I find very Xojo like without all the bugs as Thom mentioned. Xojo might be useful in a few years once they ship Web 2.0 and Mobile projects that create iOS and Android apps. My biggest worry is that once those are shipped, they are left to rot like Web 1.0 and iOS 1.0.

    I don’t know what goes on inside Xojo, but it’s not working. First the New Framework and now API 2.0. Web 1.0 and iOS 1.0 are both dead project types as both are being rewritten as 2.0. iOS 1.0 was left to rot on the vine. Desktop is the only target that’s not being replaced. It’s nuts. And then there are the forums where discussions are locked and people are banned.

    If you want an alternative to the Xojo forums check out and where you can talk about almost anything as long as it’s civil.

    Maybe Xojo will get its act together in a few years, but at this pace, I don’t think so.

  6. I have neatly renewed my PRO license as I have been doing for 7 years now. The development team has to live on something. If they are going to have financial problems with all the time pressure, then things will not get along at all. I will stick with 2019R1.1. until the platforms for which API 2.0 was created are usable. Until then, too few reasons to change existing code. If a stable and full WEB 2.0 does not come in the foreseeable future, it will also be difficult for me to stay with Xojo alone.

  7. I use Xojo solely for desktop Windows development. I haven’t upgraded since 2014. I’ve ben maintaining and enhancing my Windows apps ever since. Upgrades to new versions have always created UI response issues.

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