Never had to think about this before

Was chatting with a potential client. And they are new to Xojo.

When I mentioned that I had worked at Xojo Inc for more than 10 years they didn’t believe me. And they asked for some proof. I had never encountered this before.
So here’s a quick few references where you can see that I was once a member of their development team.

Xojo XDC 2018 Ask the Engineers
Thats me on the far right

XDC 2016 Highlights
Geoff, the CEO, specifically names me
Later on thats me at far right

Posts like, and this one and this one saying “Norman fixed …”
Thats me

Announcements about the FIRST Xojo developer to go to Germany for the MBS Conference

And in the new bug tracking system issues under @normanpalardy1
Xojo gave me a new account when I departed and renamed my existing one, to normanpalardy1, so as a non-employee I no longer had access to the same cases I did as an employee (Makes sense to me)
(They have done the same with other former employees like Greg O’Lone)
Cases like this one

You’ll see this issue is marked as FIXED by normanpalardy1 – thats me
And there are lots more like that

And I’m sure if you ask in the forums that many users would reply that yes I worked there
An I expect Xojo’s staff would as well

JUST to archive the things I wrote while I worked there – a list of URLS

Other links that show I was engaged byXojo
alternate –
alternate –
alternate –