Snow Leopard

Once upon a lifetime ago Apple did a release of macOS X that was focused solely on bug fixes & performance improvements.

Over the years people using Xojo have said how they wish Xojo would do such a release. Either tick tock back and forth or some other scheme.

And usually those requests have been in comments on forums threads etc.

Well I put a feature request in feedback so others can vote for it etc and Xojo gets a good sense of how important it is

EDIT : case rocketed up the top 20 list and now has been closed as “unactionable”

Pick a decently long list of reproducible bug and fix them

That was in theory the reason we spent time to create reproducible bug reports

Disappointed that “do a release with nothing but bug fixes” is seen as unactionable.

EDIT 1 : I’ve rewritten the request in a way that it _should_ be actionable