Compiler bugs

I have a list of compiler bugs I’ve reported (15) to be accurate

1 has been marked fixed

3 closed for various reasons

Most are marked “reproducible” and I’d sure love to see them fixed

55502 adding a constant to a class cant use an expression while one in code can Xojo
56376 compiler misidentifies syntax error on shared factory in super class
56378 factory pattern cant be implemented properly in Xojo esp when items are in a namespace
56765 compiler weird error message seems to be linked to wrong order of evaluation
57500 debugging a while loop in debugger appears to skip entire loop
58900 compiler incorrectly identifies unused local variables
59004 endexception constructor should probably be restricted in some fashion
59061 compiler gives a very ambiguous error message on select case statement
56264 make it so when a method returns an array you can immediately index into the return result
56272 optional parameters can only be “right most” parameters
60207 command line arguments for debug run cannot use a #constant