A single set of libraries

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If the applications are developed by the same Xojo version, and all the exe files of several applications are placed in the same folder, is it possible for distribution purposes to have only one Libs folder ? In such case, which would be the name of this unique Lib folder ?

There are some caveats that havent been mentioned

You DO need to recompile everything using the same version of Xojo. That way the Xojo framework, and supporting plugins libraries are all the same version.

The other thing you do need to be careful about is they need to all be the same kind of applications. You cant properly combine the libs for a desktop app and a console app into just one set as the XojoFramework for desktop and Console are not the same.

Nor are the libraries from various plugins used.

So be careful about how you do this.

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  1. i try this and it work as you mention. i also try combining the various resources folder into one called “Resources”

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