Simple code sharing on macOS

For anyone not using version control perhaps the easiest way to share code between various projects is to use external items. However, not everything cam be made external. Modules that contain classes & other modules cant be shared via external items.

So how can you share these ?

On macOS the answer is … ALIASES !!!!!… Read the rest

Stupid IDE tricks

A question was asked the other day about “how can I list just all the Windows in my application” And that reminded me of something I added to the IDE some time back.

Advanced filters in the find field above the navigator. It has only a very short mention in the IDE user guide.

So if you want to find all the Windows in your application you can type something like this into the filter field

% type:Window

and press enter and you will see all windows and container controls listed (containers are window like objects hence why they are listed).… Read the rest