But I’m entitled to …

When I give code away, for free, I’ve probably already invested a bit of time in it. How much time I’ve invested will vary depending on why I originally created whatever it is I’m giving away.

And often I will update the code. Sometimes to meet my own needs. Sometimes to meet a clients needs. And sometimes the code just sits for a long time without getting updated or touched.

And then I get someone saying “but you gave me this code it’s your responsibility to update it”.

Ummm ….. well my standard disclaimer is

All code is supplied on an AS IS basis.

I give it away. I don’t charge you for it or the time I’ve put into it. If its helpful then great. If not well I’m sorry for that. But that also doesnt mean I’m obliged to tweak the code to meet your requirements. Nor am I on the hook to fix any and all bugs you might find. It’s why I give full source code for you to do with it as you please.

It’s a gift. Accept it as offered.

Or hire me to tweak it to meet your needs.