Handy tip for Enums

Ever tried to copy an enum from some outside source like Apple, MSDN, etc and wanted to retain the comments they have about each value in the enumeration ?

You can !

Enum values can have comments in them like

Public Enum ConnectionOption
 adConnectUnspecified = -1 //    Default. Opens the connection synchronously (after).
 adAsyncConnect    = 16 // Opens the connection asynchronously (before).
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Stupid IDE tricks

A question was asked the other day about “how can I list just all the Windows in my application” And that reminded me of something I added to the IDE some time back.

Advanced filters in the find field above the navigator. It has only a very short mention in the IDE user guide.

So if you want to find all the Windows in your application you can type something like this into the filter field

% type:Window

and press enter and you will see all windows and container controls listed (containers are window like objects hence why they are listed).… Read the rest

Exceptions vs error codes

This isn’t just a Xojo debate. API 2.0 is reported to use exceptions rather than error codes.

And I’m sure that once preliminary releases of a version with API 2.0 are out that this debate will start in earnest.

Personally I’ve used both. The biggest difference with how I’ve used exceptions in the past in other languages was their built in support for “checked exceptions“.… Read the rest

We expect

Very useful words to keep in the communication between any company and its customers. Its not a promise. Just a rough outline of what things you are planning to do.

Some companies use phrases like this to let their customer base know “hey this is what we think we are going to be able to deliver” without having to promise a specific quarter or date.… Read the rest

Add item from clipboard

A post on the forums got me thinking that there might be a way to simply add a whole class, module etc to a project just from code copied from the forums.

So I sat and whipped up a little IDE script that takes a clipboard and will convert it to a class or module. Now there are some tricks.… Read the rest

Making a constructor sometimes illegal to call

Suppose you write a control subclass that you want people to be able to add to a window layout OR be able to create on the fly. But you want to make sure that when an instance is constructed in code it MUST have a parameterized constructor. However, in order to put an instance on a layout by drag and drop it has to have a no parameter constructor.… Read the rest

Sampling with a delay

MacOS terminal is a useful tool to know for a few really handy things.

One is getting a sample of a process after some delay so you can start doing whatever it is you want to sample.

Trying to do this in Activity monitor is not possible

But at the command line you can delay the start of the sample so you have a chance to set up the sampling and then switch back to Xojo to do the task you want sampled.… Read the rest

Why shadowing should be avoided

We’ll create a sample project to demonstrate why its a bad thing to do.

Start a new desktop project.

Add a new Class that is a subclass of ”CancelButton” by dragging a CancelButton from the library to the Navigator.

Name this new class “myPushButton”

Add a property  to it – enabled as boolean

Make sure the property is public

Now on Window1 add an instance of this new button subclass.… Read the rest