2019, The Lost Year, in review

2019 has been an interesting year to say the least.

Mine started off with the septic system needing to be replaced in the first week of January as the old system had been installed in a manner that it was not repairable and it had failed. So in the cold of January our yard was torn up and excavation work went on. One of our basement bedrooms had to have its floor cracked open and a new main line to the septic system installed. $25K later it was all back in working order and we just had landscaping to fix up.

Awesome start !

Work on Xojo 2019r1 was progressing when I was suddenly let go in March.

I panicked a bit. But things have worked out well for me so far and I’m happy doing what I’m doing for a really great group of clients. Since then I’ve created 300+ Feedback reports.

Xojo 2019r1 was released in April and thats the last release that I really contributed much to. 2019r1.1 went out in May.

Betas for Xojo 2019r2 started shortly after that and this brought API 2.0 and a fair number of bugs and complaints along with it. Especially aggravating were changes to many property names, method names and event names. Event names proved to be the most difficult for developers of all sorts, especially in the third party arena, to deal with. For my uses it was a beta that was going along fine until API 2.0 hit then it made it clear that my clients projects were NOT going to transition easily so I more or less stopped testing entirely.

Xojo 2019r2 was released in Oct. There was more angst expressed about the renames by users that were not part of the beta program.

About this time I started taking training to be a Ski Patroller. I’d thought about going and getting certified as a ski instructor again but Ski Patrol made more sense.

2019r2.1 with a number of bugs fixes followed in Nov. Of significant note 2019r2 was pulled from further distribution and 2.1 reverted the changes to event names. This was a welcome reversion. I think a number of people were surprised that Xojo took this course of action. I really didnt test much in this release.

Shortly after, in Dec, 2019r3 was shipped and it brought iOS dark mode along with it and a handful of other fixes that were not iOS related. Again since it did not contain a lot of fixes that were really relevant to my clients I mostly didnt test it and have only lightly used it.

And about this time I passed my written and diagnostic exams to progress on to the on snow training to be a Certified Canadian Ski Patroller. (YAY !!!!!!)

For some the year was a non-event as far as Xojo went. No new OOP features, classes, controls or other significant improvements were added. A lot of changes were made. But Xojo hasn’t become more stable, capable, or reliable as a result of those changes. Just different. It’s about the same as it always has been and several new bugs seemed to be a result of API 2.0 changes. While API 2.0 is out now it isn’t a game changer in most respects. At least not yet. It’s hard to know what else might come along in the future but the roadmap doesnt seem to have anything for API 2.0 further out beyond expanding to iOS. What remains is still things that have been on the to do list for several years like Web 2.0, Android, and plugins written in Xojo.

For me both personally and professionally it was a year with big changes in my personal life and professional life. For Xojo not so much.

How was your year ?

2 Replies to “2019, The Lost Year, in review”

  1. “But Xojo hasn’t become more stable, capable, or reliable as a result of those changes.”

    That absolutely nailed it. My license expired after 2018 R3 and I don’t see anything yet that would make me want to upgrade.

    “Xojo 2019R1 … was the last release I contributed much to”.

    “Cause and Effect?” comes cheekily to my mind …

    Kudos on becoming a Ski Patroller (had to look up what that is).

    1. And, to start the New Year off right I got the final sign off on my candidacy as a Ski Patroller and now am a “rookie” not just a candidate !

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