Just out of curiosity

I asked this on the forums and the post was promptly deleted so I’ll ask here.

This is an unscientific survey.

Answer if you feel inclined to. Emails are optional.

EDIT : updated with stats as they exist up to today – Jan 17, 2020
Amazingly the percentages have remained fairly stable as more replies are added.

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  1. That’s a tricky question for me 😉
    It depends on what you mean with “use”… since we’re writing code in the lowest IDE version that’s being used to build – and therefore a lot of time spent with the IDE version. But the final result – the productive builds – are mostly done with a newer IDE version (apart from that single legacy build). So when thinking of the final products, I’d have to pick another year compared to thinking of coding.
    What’s common for both is that I have to pick a year, and not a specific version in your survey.

  2. Year is close enough for the curiosity I have
    I could have listed every version and bug release for the past 7 years but that really wasnt what I was curious about

    Hence why I said it was unscientific and probably not even statistically valid for anything but satisfying my own curiosity 🙂

  3. None
    It was just removed
    I cant see it was against any rule but then it was posted by ME

    1. Bob and I talked about it
      And he chose, for his own reasons, not to and I respect that

    1. only 60
      so its definitely not a statistically significant portion of the user base
      without being able to post to the forums or other venues that might reach a much wider audience I doubt it will ever get to be statistically significant

      the numbers have, so far, been relatively stable in terms of percentages

      but it is just for my curiosity anyway

      1. Perhaps someone else might create a post on the forum, not telling it’s your survey? Maybe they wouldn’t check…
        Or, if they figure that out, another idea would be someone else make the survey instead of you (you just tell that person if you want other questions) and that other person post a link to the forum; after all, they can’t delete every post that speaks about surveys, do they?

        1. I have no idea why they decided to remove that one
          If someone wanted to link to it then I have no idea what to expect BUT I would suspect it would also get removed once noticed
          I do NOT believe the survey identifies me as the creator either

          they can’t delete every post that speaks about surveys, do they?

          no idea
          it would not surprise me though

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