Lies. Damned Lies. And Pragma Unused.

Lots of times we might like to clean up our code by making sure we fix all the errors AND all the warnings as well.

And one of those you might find you get warned about is unused parameters. These might come about from implementing some interface for a nice consistent API but some implementors of the methods on the interface dont use all the parameters.

You can go around and read each warning and selectively insert

#pragma unused <whatever one the compiler warned you about>

Or you can actually be lazy and lie to the compiler and kust copy and paste all the method parameters and put a #pragma unused for each parameter. The compiler wont give you a warning or error about having lied to it even if you DID use the parameters after you said it was unused.

For example if you wrote a method like

Sub foo( bar as integer, baz as integer)
   #pragma unused bar
   #pragma unused baz 

   dim i as inteher = bar + baz
End Sub

the compiler will happily accept this and not warn about bar or baz as being flagged as unused

Have fun !