In the world somethings change and some don’t. Some change loudly. Some things change quietly and invisibly.

One that I’m disappointed that has changed kind of quietly is Bob Keeney’s role in the community. Apparently he’s no longer a Xojo consultant.

Its notable that after nearly 20 years as a REALbasic/Xojo consultant Bob has moved into a new role at BlackBag Technologies. Probably not a bad move for him but still a significant change in the community.

Personally I have a pretty good idea what transpired to lead to this change. And while I might be disappointed things culminated in Bob taking a role there I also understand the motivation.

I have no idea if his new role will have him using Xojo or not.

But, the community has lost one of the better examples of building a consultancy using Xojo. Thats disappointing.

I wish him nothing but the best and all the success in the world in his new role.

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  1. I still visit Bob’s blog every day, so I wondered what was happening as he had noticeably reduced his participation on the forum. Was still a shock to read about him no longer being a Xojo consultant. I guess he saw the writing on the wall with the amount of work required to change all his projects to an unproven and buggy API2 by a company that seems to unravel and now has a history of poor decision making. Other leading members have done the same, and I can sympathize as I now face a similar decision. Continue my projects with Xojo or restart in another language?

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